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For the well-being of our employees
¨It is not the invoice that is the problem ... ¨
Who are we?
We are the result of a collective effort to help heal those with health problems. We are very concerned about those who are already in the process of illness.

However, the best time to intervene is early on, before problems arise.

This approach makes it possible to reduce the costs of the increasing absenteeism trend and group insurance. In addition, it improves overall performance and accountability. We can even then capitalize on the human and financial resources of the company to achieve these results.

At Corponess, Gilles Lavoie leads the entire effort. He has over 30 years of experience, training in general insurance at the Insurance Institute of Canada; in group insurance; in administration at H.É.C., as a certified management consultant (CMC); as Chartered Administrator (Adm.A) and promoting online services.

He relies on nearly thirty resource people.

He did two years of research on the health of overweight people. The target was: How to give back to the people concerned more control? This research was drawn from several practical solutions successfully tested with twenty-seven people.


Corponess works at the source, upstream of the problems causing wasted time and expense. An approach that simultaneously improves cost control, human resources management, and employee satisfaction.
The professionals who contribute to and have influenced its destiny.
Bruno,  Doctor
It doesn't work.¨
Eric, Chiropractor
"A pill for this, a pill for that… it's more often the application of a bandage than a real treatment."
Gigi, Pharmacist
¨The answers, you have them. Listen to what you are feeling."
Gilles, Consultant
¨The answer is in the question. What is your question? ¨
Isaac, Author
¨The larger the group, the less capable it is of practical analysis. ¨
Ivor,  Biomedical Engineer
¨You are not a statistic. Follow a plan based on you.¨
Jason, Nephrologist
"Most treatments target the symptoms of the disease rather than the root cause."
Jeanne, Professor
"Learning is a personal process for adults."
Joey, Instructor
¨A clear goal helps to achieve a result in a short time. ¨
Jonathan, Personal trainer
¨ Some days we have less energy. The intensity is up to you. Respect your limits. ¨
Jonny, PhD
¨The myths promoted by the scientific community are difficult to question.¨
Josée, Physical Education
¨I choose consciously, I adapt, and I decide according to my needs which apply now! ¨
Julie, Doctor
¨Each treatment is individualized.¨
Justine, Nutritionist
¨Balance above all.¨
Kendra, Linguist
¨The way of saying things
has an impact on
buy-in and results.¨
Lucie, Pharmacist
¨You must always be attentive to yourself. It helps to apply the best solution."
Marc, Digital Marketing
¨You have to repeat the message often before it becomes heard.¨
Matthew, AI Specialist
¨If we can interest insurers. We could do more.¨
Michael, B.B.A.
¨¨The only real question to answer is, what is the difficulty, for you, here at this moment?
Monique, Psychologist
¨Each action, no matter how small, will pay off more if it is linked to the intention.¨
Peter, Consultant
¨None other than me can take care of my business. ¨
Phillipe, Kinesiologist
¨Over 25 minutes, most people train for nothing. ¨
R., Project manager.
¨We know that we have done enough only when we have done too much.¨
Réal, Natural food
¨Pffff! I'm not waiting for the government to find a solution .¨
Shawn, Osteopath
¨If you are under stress. Your body keeps its lousy posture.¨
Steven, Cardiologist
¨Good food is not necessarily good for everyone. And good food is not necessarily good for all of its components.¨
¨The problem is not the invoice"

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