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To Move

Musculoskeletal disorders are the leading cause of physical disabilities in the workplace.
  • The basis: Re-learning the essentials is 80% of the solution
  • Physical activities: Easier than you think
  • Results: Profound and lasting changes
A significant proportion of physical disabilities happens at work. They mainly concern the joints, muscles, and tendons. In contrast, the perception is primarily on the side of more spectacular injuries such as a broken arm or leg.
  • Majority of costs and disadvantages: Loss of productivity associated with disabilities during recovery and after. Several of these lesions remain partially disabling after that.
  • Back pain: far too common. And more often than one might suspect: by employees who are not primarily responsible for handling heavy objects.
  • A long list of consequences for the company: loss of time, management, replacement, training, return of injured workers, direct and indirect costs.
  • Hazardous conditions: manipulation of objects by people
    in average physical condition.


Over 63% of adults
suffer the consequences of being overweight!
  • Oral Health: Where It Begins ...
  • Digestion: Promote the ingestion of nutrients.
  • Weight: Better management, easier than diets ...
What looks like minor inconveniences at first opens the door to a cascade of consequences. They affect health, well-being, medication intake, development of chronic diseases, decreased physical and even cognitive abilities.
  • The promoted consequences: Cardiovascular risks, cancer, hip and knee problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, problems with the liver and the whole digestive system.
  • Behavior change: It is a constant adaptation and not necessarily
    to the advantage of the overweight person.
  • Self-confidence: is affected. It is inevitable.
  • Socialization: Brings a change of personal and professional network.
  • Productivity: and absenteeism. A person with difficulty in mobility, sleeping, back pain, knee pain, Etc., usually does not have the same ability as if she had used all her means.
  • Cost: absenteeism, medication, and group insurance.
  • Team productivity: Absenteeism for health reasons affects the performance and flexibility of the entire team involved.

To listen

Hearing loss is the third
most common chronic physical condition behind
arthritis and heart disease
Deafness issues are somewhat of a sneaky thing. They are not very visible, easy to endure at first glance, and often progress slowly. Those who suffer from it get used to it without realizing it. In addition, prostheses are not popular ...
  • Long-term: Suspected of being involved in 5X cases of dementia.
  • Up to 1 in 5 new young employees suffer from it.
  • Accidents: The center of balance is in the ear, 3X more falls in people with deafness, and an estimated 50% more accidents of all types.
  • The thirties: The age when the majority begins
    to develop mild hearing loss.
  • Indifference: A significant number of those affected prefer to endure the inconvenience and find it “normal” and “I'm used to it” if their job or a hobby causes it.
  • 10%: The percentage of people who have a loss in both ears !!!
  • ​The solution is not popular: These people wait up to 7 years on average before seeking help.

To contribute

Personal problems, racism, sexism and
psychological harassment hampers productivity.
Four factors affect an employee's contribution: the task, the expectations, his health, and his perception of the previous three.
  • The company: must constantly adjust the delicate balance of the effort requested.
  • The employee: must do the same.
  • Concerning the employee: his work's quantity and quality are directly affected by his overall health and his perception of his well-being.
  • The strategy of hope: Hoping that each employee will take the necessary measures for their physical and mental form is not a very effective.
  • ​The cost: Monitor the cost: multiply the price by the number of affected employees, reducing its competitiveness and profits.
You have already put in place a whole series of occupational health procedures.
You continue to see the downsides and costs increase.
You are curious to know if there are additional solutions.
The answer is yes.

Contact us to receive more details.

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