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For the well-being of our employees
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Prevent rather than cure that suits us very well. ¨
¨One can easily see the benefits
for our employees and us. ¨
More and more, the company is
to contribute
the health of its employees.
By themselves, each person has a demanding challenge to take good care of all aspects of their health.

Governments are devoting considerable resources and efforts.

But the needs are such for hospital care services that there are very few resources left for prevention.

Companies contribute through social benefits to absorb part of the health care costs of their employees.

Corponess's objective in this context is to offer services to prevent and reduce health problems in the workplace.

To promote the well-being of employees and better productivity.
Madam / Sir,
You would like to know what is going on quickly.

In short, we offer solutions to help your employees eat better. They will not need to follow diets or restrictive nutrition programs. 

How? By helping them find what they already knew before they lost control years ago.

Third, we will help those who don't exercise, who don't want to go to the gym (this also applies to those who can't go now).

Contact us to learn more about these three programs.


An Example...
Did you know that you can reduce the consumption of antacids
quite easily?
... which foreshadows more significant health problems
to come, more expensive, more severe.

And you will be doing a great service to those who must consume it.
Many will no longer need it ...

I will send you the information with pleasure.
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